On The Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness Four


  • New Free DLC Now Available!

    July 27th, 2012

    From today’s post at Penny Arcade:

    “We’ve added Gender-Swapped versions of all player characters.  Our engine doesn’t allow for name changes or on-the-fly-pronoun shifts, but of course that couldn’t keep me from renaming them.  Purely for headcanon purposes, this Tycho is called Tyche, this Gabe is called Gabbie, this Moira is Manuel, and this Jim is Benjamina.  I can’t take credit for all the names; there’s a substantial community invested in this concept, and I saw no reason to crowd out their excellent work.

    In the “bone” I alluded to for Furs, you can also choose the Furry pack.  This makes substantial genetic alterations to the party, rendering Tycho as a Lion, Gabe as a Pony, Moira as an American Red Fox and Jim as a Turtle.  This pack and the other one also alter the party in cutscenes, which was a bit of extra work on Zeboyd’s part but makes them very cool for doing it.

    It’ll be coming to the XBLIG version later, peer review being what it is, but it’s available on Steam now.”